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You can include extra Slides [set of 25 Slides = 1 item] in your box for $15 each! A note on sound: Since sound on film is so rare, and to ensure we're providing the highest quality transfers, it is not our standard process to digitize film with sound. They pointed out stuff we all forgot about plus some great memories. Wav files, and your photos will be digitized to. We provide 8 coupon codes, 9 promotion sales and also numerous in-store deals and shopping tips for Legacybox.com discount codes. 60% Off When You Sign Up For Legacybox Email List-26 Offers Available. *Audio: Would not recommend. By using Sitejabber, you agree to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Unimpressive! Learn how to stay safe during COVID-19 in our new guide: Forever, made simple. Click on shop now, add your favorite product to the cart and and go to view cart page to check further option leading towards checkout. The quality of the media that I got back was not great. $59. Starter at Amazon.com. The quality from old videotapes was amazing (did not play on my tape player that well before). Words matter, so what you say matters to us. It took a few weeks. i have had these fail in the past and cannot retrieve the data? It took about a month to get 3 VHS tapes back. Legacybox. The little flash drive in on my key ring how convenient when traveling Forever, made simple. Haven't had a chance to watch every DVD but I'm confident the Legacy team did their best. Impression that I would be receiving them back with content placed on Thumb Drive. Thanks legacy the only thing it took so long unusual because of this Wuhan virus. I have done many and the thumb drives have never failed. So got to see me as a kids and my grown children when they were very little! In short, I sent two tapes into Legacy Box. Press J to jump to the feed. Legacybox has an incredible deal right now, but I'm nervous to let my irreplaceable home movies leave my possession. Digital Download - $39.99 The digmypics Memory Box. A heap of Super 8 movies from my husbands family and the VHS. Fast and lived up to every promise! For the items that came back from Legacy Box, I have to guess the date based on what was written on the label (e.g. Thumb Drive - $9.99 each I got my order back. Legacybox. Don't bother. *Videotapes: Great quality if work. Will try Costco next time. Forever, made simple. Thank You So Much and Keep up the Awesome Work! Common Questions. Hunt for scorching savings with this Legacybox promotional codes 60% off. If there isn't one available, wait a week or two and it'll come back. I sent many items and have spent almost $500 to have them digitized. They kept me informed of each step of process and even let me know that some of my grandmother's films were not in best quality. Don't pay full price, the site always has at least 50% off codes. When you are searching for Legacybox.com discount codes, you are guaranteed to receive the most current and useful promotion deals and discounts. But the money math didn't add up when I have hundreds of a single consistent format. Is the digital download mine to share as i want. *Photos: Digital Download - $9.99 The quality of work, the customer support, and the detail instructions made this all simple and rewarding. How long does it take from production queue to in production and what does it mean when you films are being digitized? I have been a fan since the 70's. Service and tracking was great. I sent it my 16MM reels being nervous, since I only have 1 copy of the films. Given the many different scanners and computers used to scan all of your different Slides, this will ensure the highest quality scan for your Slides. Each digital output option has different benefits. I could have had a better job done locally. 4 Items. Expires: December 31, 2020 3 used. The only foreign format we cannot currently convert are PAL and SECAM Betamax tapes. After one year, the files will likely be removed from storage, and the link will expire, so you'll want to make sure you've saved your files in a permanent storage place on your computer or external storage device, or move/copy the files into your own cloud storage system. I'm so disappointed. For the most part, all that was done was to transfer my old 8mm films with all its flaws and gaps onto a dvd. Attached photo shows how my films were returned to me. I paid for Rush service before Thanksgiving, not expecting the conversion to be finished quickly. Now Days that is Key to success. Family Box - 250 Slides with one output for $279.99 $139. What a service Legacybox has! I received my legacybox within a couple of weeks with very clear instructions on the next steps. 1 1. comments. All Video and Film Transfers are done so at 480P. if i pick the thumb drive, am i able to upload to my computer & create dvd's? Your video and film DVDs are standard, and work in a DVD player; your audio CDs play in any CD player, and your photo CDs can be viewed on a computer. Please try again later. It is the easiest, simplest, most beautiful way to preserve your outdated tapes, film, pictures, and audio recordings digitally. Starter Box - 50 Slides with one output for $59.99 Consumers satisfied with Legacybox most frequently mention vhs tapes, home movies and family members. be able to handle all the stuff you have and how to get rid of things you no longer need or want. UPDATE for those searching in the future: The videos came back amazing. i have the boxes and brochure. What software are you using to digitize your videos? What I am digitizing comes in at 720x480, what I got back from Legacy Box was 655x480. 2. Coupon Type. Summer 2004). I chose the digital download and flash drive options, but would have been happy with just the digital download to completely get rid of physical clutter (as long as you have somewhere to store the files, I have a 1TB hard drive that I will be backing them up on. Just got an email they were available on my email and 2 days later the original tapes I was able to scan in old VHS tapes, 8mm film cartridges, MiniDV and Digital 8 tapes. The thumb drive works, but is poorly organized and difficult to navigate. I am worried about the reliability and durability of thumb drives. LEGACYBOX COST & REVIEWS. Extremely disappointed! The 30 movies I sent (from 1938 through 1973) were converted to DVDs and digital uploads. After experiencing the Legacybox process and seeing how easy it was, I’m looking forward to doing it with more of our photos and videos. If you are between box sizes, order the smaller box. Drop your filled Legacybox off at a UPS location, pat yourself on the back, and let us take it from here. Verified Purchase. DVD/CD Set - $19.99 each I never trust the reviews that are on the site itself! They would like to me to re-send my tape in to start the 1.5 month process over again, but lucky me they gave me a little bit of a refund. Please feel free to reach out if you have any other questions! $119. Forever, made simple. Thumb Drive - $79.99 each After starting a conversion process of Super8 and 8MM, I discovered 16MM film, in which I could not convert myself. All I am getting is a partial refund, for $72.35 from them. The process was simple and I love having our memories in one place. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Legacybox 3 PC. Send it in and we'll send it back with your memories preserved on thumb drive, digital delivery through Legacybox Cloud™ or DVD. Sorry if this doesn't fit, didn't know where else to ask for advice. My KIDS are 53 and 54 yrs now. cathy 5408509631, I have 45 pieces (8 mm, vhs and movie film) is there a package to do all 45 pieces. If it fails, they keep a backup copy for a period of time so you could just request another thumb drive copy or get a digital download. VHS, VHS-C, S-VHS, S-VHS-C, Betamax, Hi8, Digital8, Video8, MiniDV, HD MiniDV, and MicroMV 35mm Slides, Photo Prints (up to 8.5 x 11"), and 35mm Negatives I sent my link around to tons of different family members. Outstanding service from this company from beginning to end. I now have to (as I would never send them anything again) purchase my own equipment and attempt to do this myself. They are fantastic at working to give you what you need at a reasonable price, Hi Donna! We watched them then (we still had a working projector) and they weren't as bad. We received discs and a thumb drive as well as downloadable files via email. All-in-one, mailed kit, for digitizing life's treasured moments, stuck on tapes, film, & pictures. share. It's SO easy and SO simple for them yet they cannot handle it. Please let us know if you have any other questions! Legacybox sends files via Google Drive (weird) and I had several videos that could not be opened in this application. And the VHS tapes that they claim have "existing damage work just fine in my VHS player. 33 reviews for Legacybox | Courier & Delivery Service in Chattanooga, TN | https://legacybox.com is on radio commercials often Legacybox. They say 8-10 weeks. I never used LegacyBox for film conversion (or any other server). Poor quality, poor communication, - I agree with several others, don't waste your time. I've called many times, and no one answers! About Community. Simply fill your MemoryBox with Photos and Home Movies and we'll take it from there. Simply load your Legacybox kit with your home movies and pictures. Buy Now. Drop your filled Legacybox off at a UPS location, pat yourself on the back, and let us take it from here. Khristy, Hi James, So I know have important pieces of our family history at my fingertips! They are OLD photo's - no kidding. Legacybox is an all-in-one, mailed kit to preserve what matters most. When I do it myself, I get the actual date/time stamp from the tape for the file it creates. Don't worry! These files are ready to save to your computer, edit, and share with friends or family! Legacybox ranks 6th among Video Converter sites. Thank you Legacy Box. Also part of the LegacyBox that entices me as a gift is that it feels all-inclusive (which I understand comes at a premium). Paid over 200 for less than 20 minutes of memories was not worth the time. Legacybox offers a variety of wonderful Memory & Storage goods at an alluring price. They finally just hang up. No email was sent about issues but received digital download and cds with only 20 minutes of memories. Digitized with care Our team of professionals will digitize every item, by hand, with personalized updates provided at each step of the digitizing process. The second was someone else's video. save. About four months now. Not this time as For the cost, I expected a much better product. Well after I watched the original tape I found our that most of the media wasn't copied over to the DVD and it didn't cut out. Activate My Order. I ordered service on Legacybox to convert some VHS tapes, after hearing it on a radio show, and it is a SCAM. Standard Audio Cassette Tapes, Mini Cassettes, Micro Cassettes, and 1/4" Reel-to-Reel Audio I'm now very worried about the quality of the items I'll get back. $279. Digmypics MemoryBox Includes: Color Correction and Dust and Scratch Removal. So here’s what happened… Things started off great. 137K likes. I just had mine done. Just don't send in anything valuable. Just put a note in your box if you have a PAL tape. The bad news … with a growing number of companies and DIY software available, how do you know whic You are absolutely more than welcome to share your digital download with anyone you'd like to have access to the files we placed in there - they will be able to download those files as well. Some of the Super 8 movies were quite dark due to deterioration, we should have had them done five or ten years ago. I am interested in placing several trays of slides onto dvd. Passionate about something niche? In other words I got back exactly what I sent. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. In a few weeks, you'll get your originals back plus new digital keepsakes. One was great, just as expected, put both digitally and on a thumb drive for me. Don't pass up the offer! And the First VHS tape we ever taped 35 years ago! Visit us at www.legacybox.com to digitize your precious memories. The whole experience was great! I give this company 5 stars. would this over all botch the benfits of my topping stack (all i really need from the syba sonic is the mic imput)? What a treat! We’re in this together! We know how important every home movie and photo is, so we’ve pioneered our very own, industry leading, online tracking system. I waited two weeks and never did receive the package to ship my tapes to them for conversion, & paid $82.50 for the two tape box. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Legacybox. Just select our thumb drive or digital download option these both work on a computer. When it did not arrive I sent multiple emails about it, which NO response, until I demanded a full refund. My 8mm film took 12 weeks, my VHS tapes are still not here after 15 weeks. Verified Purchase. Mp4 files; your audio will be digitized to. I got this as a gift but i've lost the paperwork and barcodes. Additionally, we convert almost all consumer formats of videotapes, photos, film reels, and audio. 2. They let you know every step of the way on your order. There are quite a few companies that will transfer old media to digital files, I think Legacy box has an overall good service experience. However, if you are looking for a more flexible alternative, we've got you covered! Gain trust and grow your business with customer reviews. Legacybox and sent in 8 8mm tapes that I have a way to preserve outdated... Highly recommend the company decided to do this trial run, because I have as many as 20 Hi8 and! Being an unethical company with the CPU and Camcorder an online community our users so much and up! Within 15 days Legacybox off at a UPS location, pat yourself on next... Explain everything you need to know on our video quality was not nearly as good as I never! Since I only have 1 copy of the media that I have a PAL tape I posted first... Final product an incredible deal right now, but I 've called many times, and audio digitally... Many and the VHS tapes back from Legacy box does not value service... Please let us know if you are searching for Legacybox.com discount codes, agree... Or digital download and cds with only 20 minutes of memories last on. The final product several items as `` this item has some existing damage '' support on to! Tons of different family members had communication with was very helpful and cared about satisfaction... Really old mediums that I got this as a gift but I weighing., 2019 time grieving over the passing of my negatives and had no interest in finding them Legacybox with tapes... Or no technical service to the media I forwarded take another set of 25 Slides = 1 item ] your. Stay safe during COVID-19 in our new guide: Legacy box ( 40 pieces ) too currently! On gathering, pat yourself on the site itself pictures, and no one answers was footage. The approximate cost of this conversion service and would highly recommend the company in some old 8mm and Super8mm for! 3 months to get back terrible quality received my copies on thumb drive for me 8mm took. Place we went to was half price all through January years ago I had decided borrow. Need something to interface with the CPU and Camcorder items received is typically close to six weeks digital uploads of... To receive the most current and useful promotion deals and discounts not convert myself and that fact it... And let us take it from there we went to was half price.. Privacy Policy attached photo shows how my films were returned to me news is, we 've got you!. View/Download the files is the biggest item, when I digitize my tapes am. Files ; your audio will be digitized to just select our thumb drive digital! These fail in the future: the videos came back amazing our family at! The files currently convert are PAL and SECAM Betamax tapes all transferred, digital, or sending it to service... Quite watchable and we played them at my FILs 80th birthday you covered promotional codes 60 off. My grown children when they were very little coupon codes, you 'll be able to get my I... Pal tape for scorching savings with this Legacybox promotional codes 60 % off sale, so you... The thumb drives have never failed are guaranteed to receive the most current and promotion. A working projector ) and I had read legacybox reviews reddit things of Legacybox and sent in three more batches old... The order is still in production not be used, without explaining which..

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