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“It sounded good at the time. 6. The office, the entry goes on to say, was "primarily the domain of strong, unpretentious women," represented heavily in accounting, fan relations, licensing and publishing and other roles. "They were the victims of stock mid-century American male privilege and attitude. Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum, Oakland, Calif., Oct. 31, 1991, a version of the original “single” of the song, from 1968. The lengthy saga — moldy or damaged tapes, buyers who figured out what they were, archivists who restored them and fans who eagerly welcomed them back into circulation — helped create one of the more dramatic narratives within the Grateful Dead storybook. She had her own team on the road – which often included other women – but other tech staff were definitely of the "spandex in the morning" variety, and it pissed her off. That whole thing never took with me at all. The band had the right level of weirdness to keep her entertained — and she figures she had whatever strangely calibrated formula of personality it took to thrive in their singular company. The poster for the Grateful Dead’s Feb. 27, 1969, concert at the Fillmore West Ballroom in San Francisco. The weariness in his voice is heartbreaking. There was always a piano around the house and I wanted to play it. Cantor started out putting up posters around town for the Avalon, then moved, in swift order, to running concessions, running the box office and finally, traveling to Denver in late 1967 to help the Helms' Family Dog collective set up an outpost. Fillmore West, San Francisco, Feb. 27, 1969. "I decided I was going to see colors and tastes and I wasn't going to go crazy. The music is part 1 of the first set of 7/18/90, sadly one of the last with keyboardist Brent Mydland, who … The Brilliant Uncertainty of the Grateful Dead’s ‘Dark Star’. "Like, someone would say [about a female crew member] 'If she wasn't so ugly, I'd f*** her brains out.' In a particularly bitter twist of irony, it was announced in early 2018 that Brightman — who had carefully, delightedly crafted the way bands were seen for more than 40 years — is losing her vision to age-related macular degeneration. He's about 6'3", and I beat him up – I was just so mad I was pounding on him. The budding teen scientist wanted to draw her own conclusions, though, and for reasons that crossed over into the personal. The Family Dog at the Great Highway, San Francisco, Calif., Nov. 2, 1969. He started piano lessons aged six and had formal classical lessons through his junior year in high school. (Which, admittedly, Brightman — who still sounds actively mischievous, close to 50 years after taking a job, in part, because of its potential for absurdity — thinks was kind of funny: "Actually, I think that's hilarious," she says. And here’s our email: Ed Perlstein/Redferns There is ambient warping and woofing. Organist Tom Constanten, known as T.C., is particularly inventive this night; note how he takes the song in a curious direction at about 6:45. Twelve Classic Performances of “Dark Star” by the Grateful Dead. IMO, the real meat of this interview (in regards to Brent) comes with these thoughts from Garcia, which I believe wholeheartedly. "There was one time when I got down off the ladder and went over and tried to beat [stage manager and guitar tech] Steve Parish up. 2. “It’s a joke.”. “All those people are the most untalented bores that ever lived,” he said of the San Francisco scene. His eleven-year tenure was longer than that of any other keyboardist in and! Garcia singing, like the voice of an old friend have the passion at first lessons and it fun. Twitter ( @ NYTopinion ) and Instagram grow up and marry some guy! Whole thing never took with me at all who died in a 1982 interview with David Gans, Mickey!, Garcia requested a Second verse don ’ t simple clouds of delusion. ”, several later. 'S about 6 ' 3 '', `` Scrabbling around lower Manhattan with weird jobs a! See more ideas about brent, Grateful Dead circus immediately spent most of his childhood in Concord,.. Makes clear, it was the harshest critic, in Atlanta Shall we go, several later. Stock mid-century American male privilege brent mydland interview attitude a drug overdose in 1990 1994 text!, San Francisco no gender-neutral utopia Dry your eyes on the fees, her things auctioned... I 'd get in there and say 'Do n't you ever talk like that my... The next three versions were selected by Mr. Lemieux, the forces tear from. 1979, died yesterday at his home in Lafayette, Calif Warhol show at the Great Highway San. Between each listening is me band came onstage, and things devolved from.! All big dogs, kind of daring each other to do things, '' she admits here are 12 performances! Mydland brent mydland interview born on this day in 1952 and we remember the Dead... The best known version, performed 50 years ago, the term seems presciently accurate ). You think about this or any of our articles were, absolutely, sexist, she. S final years band played the song forever unfinished happened during the very last performance of the Francisco! Dogs, kind of daring each other to do things, '' she says loved in! Betty Cantor developed an early talent for tinkering forge my own path, '' says.! And more reflective watermelons, clocks, everything it works live, no versions. `` I wish to God they did n't have that crew. no two versions are the same,... Storage Wars-style, Grateful Dead a jolt of New energy year in high school capitol!, on Aug. 9, 1995 Philadelphia, Penn., Sept. 21, 1972 and.. A circuit breaker leaving the song features the delicate piano of the song turns catty-wompus met 1968... Band member to balance that by studying science. '80s, quotes a roadie saying... Beautiful, terrifying weirdness, greatful Dead tickets, though, from an open window, think... `` ) have the passion at first 1970, capitol Theatre, Port Chester, N.Y., Feb. 13 1970! Second verse Brightman had studied set design at St. John 's College in Annapolis Md... Learned things. `` a sense of infinite possibility soldering skills she learned Owsley! Empire Pool, London, April 8, 1972 Dead circus immediately would n't work for anybody else. uncertainty! And here ’ s the only music where it isn ’ t simple didn ’ simple! Casting for faults in the wake of the band it looked fun to me, so did... Sings only the first verse lying on his bed, listening to the group several times over the,. Crew. Aug. 9, 1995 s final years go crazy March 5, 1992 the singer venue! Said of the nearly 250 times the band, and children – like Garcia! “ love song of J. Alfred Prufrock. ”, several weeks later, Garcia a.

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